Day 5

pouring rain. I stay at home and experiment with chalk making. Plaster of paris, old acrylic wall paint I’ve been holding on to for months, and a cake pan is what it comes down to.


Day 4

Today I decide to conquer the Parc Sans Nom, under the Rosemont overpass. Last year it was the site of Dare-Dare gallery, and I get nostalgic feelings as I enter the open gate, seeing piles of trash everywhere. Once the location of the community Mile End Bread Oven, artist gatherings, bulb planting festivals and various medicinal plant installations, it is now destined to become a parking lot/ storage space for the city. Two workers have abandonned their materials under the overpass. As I work, they enter the park and resume their work. We work side by side, them sanding benches and me getting dizzy with circles. “pourquoi tu fais ca?” asks one of the workers. Im still working on a good answer to that question. As they leave at the end of their work day, they tell me they will lock the gate but leave enough space for me to go through. There’s a complicity there that makes my smile. Later in the afternoon the rain starts again, harder than ever. The design disappears.

Day 3

Rain showers erase everything. I was imagining that the colors would run into a beautiful mess, much like paint running down the drain, but I run to my balcony and there is nothing, just the freshly watered dark pavement.

Day 2

exploring similar themes in the same alley.. the wear caused by passing trucks a nice effect. passerby comments include “c’est toi qui fais ca?” “c’est tres beau” :alors, on retourne en enfance?” “hier j’ai vu ca et j’avais l’impression que le paradis etait descendu sur terre quelques instants” “tu veux un croissant?” as well as many smiles and nods. I’m still feeling nervous about drawing in public. I attempt to work in a busy parking lot but lose my nerve.

Day 1

heart beating, running own to the alley to get started.


aug 7- chalking in Parc Sans Nom, under the Rosemont overpass.

aug 8- pouring rain! tried to make some chalk at home.

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