Though rain is forecasted, it is a glorious sunny day. Today i’m taking my chalk to Esplanade street.

the more i get into it, the more patterning becomes a kind of dance- a friend comments that the movements I’m making while drawing echo the symmetry of the drawing.

Though my intent was to use a garbage lid, found scrap of wood, or other materials found in the area, the compass is attracting me more and more. I’m enjoying the careful drawing that it permits me. The process of drawing for me is more satisfying than the result, and I lose myself in the crisscrossing lines.

this day is marked by many encounters. after a few hours, neighbours start to participate, making suggestions such as continuing the design into the street.

A boy Christopher becomes the official “ruler-holder”, rapping about what we’re doing and having us sing along. Friends participate in the coloring, and many children and adults stop by. Helena (credit for the photos) asks a little boy, Neil, what he thinks of the pattern. He describes it as “lots of rockets” and begins to help us draw.

near the end of the day, I start drawing free hand. There’s a great joy in sharing this with so many people.